True Relevance Equals Real Revenue

Collarity For Media Web Publishers

Automatically connect your site segments with the relevant media and ads they like.

As a web publisher in today's hyper-competitive online market, you can't afford to serve the same content and ads to every web visitor. Even the best content in a one-size-fits-all model will never realize its true revenue potential.

That's why it's important to proactively engage your online visitors with personalized recommendations, search results, and advertising tailored to their specific interests and needs. If you can help your online media consumers easily find the articles, videos, and photos they need, while at the same time providing helpful advertising, those users will return to your site more often and stay longer when they get there.

Reveal Your Natural Online Audience Segments

If your goal is to serve the right user with the right content at the right time, you need to start with fundamental marketing principles – segment your audience based on their tastes and preferences. But how can you accurately identify your natural site segments with the massive traffic loads and data that your website generates?

The Collarity integrated audience engagement platform automatically collects anonymous user attention data and generates a segmentation model based on the statistical activity of your site. The model does not force fit site groups into any pre-defined segment categories, but is instead based on actions and the natural labels created by users themselves.

Leverage Site Segment Interactions with Ads and Content

Most segment-driven online marketing tools today focus on one of two things – content targeting or ad targeting – not both. The Collarity integrated audience engagement platform looks at online audience segment interactions with all objects on a web page. The result is a blended balance of both relevant content guidance (through personalized recommendations and search) and relevant advertising based on the most popular choices made in the past by each site segment.

Happier Media Consumers and Higher Revenue

The result of engaging your audience segments with a more relevant web experience is higher page views, more media consumed per visit, and more frequent visits. In addition, because the Collarity integrated audience engagement platform connects specific advertisements (text, banner, video) with specific website segments, ad responses are higher and you can support higher advertising rates using the site segment analytics application.